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Flyers are being spread around the globe!!

We have printed 10.000 flyers and they will soon aprear in a milonga close to you!!! If not theyn send us an email to and we will send you some!!!

first batch of the 1000 flyers being send out!

Restarting the blog!!!

Lets try to restart this has been inactive for some time..

As you might know 2014 is yet another year where Tangocamp will only arrange with one festival, Tangocamp Sweden. Workload and change of focus made us
cut down from 4 festivals into one. Maybe in the future we will make more festivals!

At the moment we are happy to inform that there are already more than 20 countries represented among the participants..normally we end up around 30-40 different countries, which we of course are really thankful for and think is amazing! Having some 60 contact persons around the globe helping us promote the event is of course helping us a lot!
A big thank you to all our contact persons!

Chicho having fun during class!
Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli trying to explain something I did not really understand!

Friday at Tangocamp Germany

Opening night at Tangocamp Germany


Yesterday the big tango rollercoaster that is Tangocamp started with a performance in Dusseldorf: a presentation of all the visiting maestros accompanied by the superb Sexteto Milonguero. The show was an impressive mixture of styles and colours, showing the skills of the maestros and whetting the appetite of those in the audience who take workshops in the following days. It ended with an explosive chacarera and a standing ovation.

Sexteto Milonguero

Gustavo & Giselle Anne

Chacarera time!

Check the full album here:

Better than not possible!

Tangocamp 2010 International Argentine Tango Festival

These two flight attendants had really hit the theme "Travelling around the world" to perfection. Much better than this is not possible. They made it into the finals, but was not voted as the winners in the end...better luck next year!

Runners up!

Tangocamp 2010 International Argentine Tango Festival

Runners up! This lovely couple from Japan was voted second best dressed during the Masqurade party.

Winners of the Masqurade party!

Tangocamp 2010 International Argentine Tango Festival

Winners, voted by the audience, of the masquerade party during Tangocamp Sweden. We did not check if the gun is real or not, however no other dancers or jury members were injured or threaten during the competition.

Masquerade party during Tangocamp Sweden

Adrian, Dana and Mazen Tangocamp 2010 International Argentine Tango Festival

Tangocamp is also an event where we have fun! Here you see that even the teachers are totally in the party mood!  Here you see Adrian and Mazen carying Dana after her performance during the masquerade party in Tangocamp Sweden. She is soo happy she is almost crying.

Sexteto Milonguero in Tangocamp show in Tanzhaus

Sexteto Milonguero Tangocamp 2010 International Argentine Tango Festival


These guys really know how to play! This photo from the Tangocamp show in Tanzhaus. Together with the dancers of the show they created an amazing connection between them creating a super show!

Javier Rodriguez & Stella Missé

Javier & Stella Tangocamp 2010 International Argentine Tango Festival

Javier Rodriguez and Stella Missé perform in the Tangocamp Show in Tanzhaus.
I guess we were not the only ones thinking they were smoking hot!