Opening night at Tangocamp Germany


Yesterday the big tango rollercoaster that is Tangocamp started with a performance in Dusseldorf: a presentation of all the visiting maestros accompanied by the superb Sexteto Milonguero. The show was an impressive mixture of styles and colours, showing the skills of the maestros and whetting the appetite of those in the audience who take workshops in the following days. It ended with an explosive chacarera and a standing ovation.

Sexteto Milonguero

Gustavo & Giselle Anne

Chacarera time!

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Top Universities that Welcome International Students

In the present day, the number of international students is increasing every year. Students love to study in a foreign country and many students dream of studying abroad when they are very young. It is possible for students who are dreaming of studying abroad since more and more universities, colleges and schools across the world welcomes international students. If you look at the classrooms of universities, colleges and schools across the world you will be able to find out a number of students who are from out of country. Diversity is not only seen in public life but also in the classroom and it is always a great thing to have diversity in classroom as it enhances learning.
Since more colleges and universities in US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other European and Asian countries offer seats to international students, the percentage of international students in classroom have risen in recent years. The majority of students love to study in a foreign country but only a few students are getting the opportunity of study aboard as they wish. One of the main problems that deny people from their wish to study abroad and give up their dream of studying abroad is money. Students who are financially fit can easily fulfill their dream because the expenses are really huge when you are in a foreign country.
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I spent a late spring at Camp Adventure in 2015 and it genuinely changed my life and roused me to initiate my Masters in Education at Assignment Expert when I returned home to Australia. I made such huge numbers of astounding companions from everywhere throughout the world and have just gone two companions from camp in Spain, Ireland, England and California.

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