Restarting the blog!!!

Lets try to restart this has been inactive for some time..

As you might know 2014 is yet another year where Tangocamp will only arrange with one festival, Tangocamp Sweden. Workload and change of focus made us
cut down from 4 festivals into one. Maybe in the future we will make more festivals!

At the moment we are happy to inform that there are already more than 20 countries represented among the participants..normally we end up around 30-40 different countries, which we of course are really thankful for and think is amazing! Having some 60 contact persons around the globe helping us promote the event is of course helping us a lot!
A big thank you to all our contact persons!

Chicho having fun during class!
Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli trying to explain something I did not really understand!


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