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Leaders needed!

We need more leaders in the follwing classes/seminars:

3 leaders in Chicho & Juana seminar
4 leaders in Advanced level
3 leaders in Intermediate/advanced level
2 leaders in Intermediate level

So..just register at and we will provide a happy partner for you!!!

Single followers will be put on waitinglist from now on!

Single followers will be put on a waitinglist if you register for any of the workshops or seminars and we will inform you if you get a place.

Couples and single leaders can register for all levels and all seminars at the moment.

Special invited couples to perform for us!

We are very happy to invite two couples to dance for us during masqurade party!
Aldo Velasquez and Sidse Hasle (Copenhagen)
Joel Utas & Sarah Göller (Stockholm)

Masquerade theme - Movies and Musicals!

  After some consulting with last years winners we have decided that this years theme for the Masquerade Milonga on Saturday the 21st of June will be MOVIES AND MUSICALS.

Good luck and dress to impress and remember that Tangocamp always give great prizes to the best dressed woman and best dressed man! 
Have fun!

Examples of musicals:

Musicals  MusicalsMusicalsMusicalsMusicals  Musicals

Content of Joe & Lucila seminar


The spirit of our seminar is focused on the development of a return to the etymology of the movements, working on the technical consciousness expression + connection + musicality and comfort in the dancing couple. Energies and above all, the pursuit of your own personality. The seminar program is specially designed for Tangocamp 2014. The seminar is consecutive, starts from the first class and continues until the last one. We will record / film the highlights of each day's work and will be available for the participants and will be able to download it from dropbox as well the music that we will use during the seminar. An excellent opportunity to discover your own tango.

New Yoga teacher this year!

Emilia K Valtcheva from Russia will hold the classes of Yoga for tangodancers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10.00-10.50.

We are very happy to be able to provide our participants such a great way of starting the new day with this great instructor!

More about Emilia you can find out here:

All the lessons will take place in the Yoga room on the second floor of the spa. No registration needed. Yoga carpets can be found in the Yoga room.

Tangocamp on facebook!

Social media are as everyone knows taking over most of the way people communicate today and of course Tangocamp have several other ways to promote and to interchange ideas with people.

Tangocamp facebook group:

Tangocamp facebook page:

Tangocamp facebook event:

people are also creating their own going to Tangocamp facebook events, like:

you can of course do the same! :)

10.000 flyers being spread around the globe!

Our new amazing flyer is now being spread around the globe and hopefully soon in a milonga close to you!

Want some to spread in your local tango community...please contact us at: and we send you some right away! Thank you!

Kinesiologist and massage therapist Filippa Beijer!

Happy to inform that Filipa Beijer will be with us this year again...helping anyone with problems or who just want to spoil themselves!
More info soon and also what times will be available for bookings will be posted.

De luxe rooms at Hotel Tylösand!

We now can offer De luxe rooms in Hotel Tylösand..for the ones who totally want to spoil themselves!! The rooms are newly renovated and very very nice!!!
So, select De luxe rooms Hotel Tylösand in the registration if you wish to have one!! Limited amounts!!
They cost 300 sek more per night per person.