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New Contact Person from Finland!

Happy to inform that we have yet one more new contact person for Tangocamp. This time from Finland:
Raija Aittakumpu-Hydén from Jyväskylä! Hopefully she can help promote Tangocamp in her region! Good luck and welcome!

New contact person from Poland

Oliwia Otto from Gdansk becomes a new contact person for Tangocamp. Hopefully helping in bringing lots of people from Poland to Tangocamp. If you wish to be a contact person for your region/city/country - please do not hesitate to contact us!

New renovation in Hotel Tylösand!!!

The Hotel Tylösand is not just a great hotel. It is fantastic...but everthing can become better, even Hotel Tylösand.
The entire Leif´s Lounge (Disco) will be renovated during January 2014 and therefore we can welcome you to an even nicer hotel in 2014!!

Pictures will come up soon!

Tangocamp 2014 Djs!

This year Tangocamp will put even more effort into making every dance opportunity count!
We have therefore seleceted very carefully this years line up of Djs.

This year we will make a great effort into making the afternoon milonga something really extra! There will be no lessons during the afternoon milonga, thus some 300-500 dancers could in theory be participating in the afternoon milonga!!! We will also try to make it outside in Solgården. We are at the moment looking into the options of either making a huge dancefloor outdoor with or without a tent or using the existing terrace by putting floor on two of them! Stay tuned for news!


Laura Ilaru, Romania
Janja Frank, Slovenia
Luca Lamberti, Italy
Pino Dangiola, Sweden
Brian Falk, Denmark

Tangocamp 2104 - Line up Teachers

Extremly happy to be able to provide you with the best teachers around!

Confirmed Tango Teachers for Tangocamp 2014

Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda
Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa
Javier Rodrgiuez & Noelia Barsi
Rodrigo "Joe" Corbata & Lucila Cionci
Pino Dangiola & Gilda Stillbäck

About check in! Even Money and no creditcards

Soon time for check in!

- No creditcards for the part of Tangocamp fee. For hotel fee is ok to pay with creditcard.
- Even money to make check in go faster.
- Do not calculate euro prices into swedish kronor. You either pay full with euro or full with swedish kr. Deposit is valued 520 kr.

Thank you for helping check in go fast!

Schedule now in your smartphone!

Once again Tangocamp is leading in inovative solutions for making your festival experience better than ever!!

Now you can log in and see your schedule in your smartphone.

Type the following link in your phone:

and then enter your email address you registered with!

Life is simple at Tangocamp!

Kinesiologist and Massage Therapist Filippa Beijer!

Will join us!


At the Tango Camp 2013 : give yourself a relaxing and healing treatment by Kinesiologist and Massage Therapist Filippa Beijer!


Connect with your body, relieve sore Tango feet and a tired back, or try an Applied Kinesiology treatment. You can pre-book a session today.



Special rates for Tango Camp participants:


A massage therapy session where Filippa treats specific aches (30 min): SEK 300


An Applied Kinesiology treatment session to relieve internal and external blockages (30 min): only SEK 450



A short introduction to the treatments:


In order to deal with the body’s physical imbalances, I use the Kinesiological approach of working outward from the inside. We look for blockages that can be purely physical or linked to emotional or intellectual imbalances. I treat these in order to guide the body into its own healing flow. Kinesiology was developed by chiropractors and is based on ancient Chinese treatments using the body’s own energy system to heal it. Acupuncture shares the same origins.


Massage is another powerful tool to help you connect with your body. I use a combination of connective tissue massage and classical massage to get the best results. Helps to alleviate serious conditions such as lumbago or torticollis, or to reinvigorate tired, stiff musculature and stimulate the body’s metabolic functions.

Bookable times: (


Friday 14/6

Saturday 15/6

Sunday 16/6


Status Tangocamp - housing and workshops

Status Tangocamp (2013-06-09)

- 9 rooms left in Hotel Tylösand
- 2 places left in mixed cabin in Firstcamp.

Workshops:2 leaders for beginner class
1 leaders for Intermediate level
1 leader for advanced level
1 leader for Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa seminar

Milonga pass:

Closes on the 10 of June! By today!

Yoga for tango dancers...

Per Berséus will run two sessions with Yoga for tango dancers.
Saturday and Sunday at 10.30–11.45 in the Yoga room inside the Spa.

Perfect way to start a full day of tango!

It is drop in and one session costs 100 kr. Go to both for 150 kr!

Yoga carpets will be provided for.