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The two drop in lessons will be...

On Saturday, June 15:
21.15–22.15 Drop in Lesson with Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa in Congress Hall

On Sunday, June 16:
21.15–22.15 Drop in Lesson with Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda

We have also lowered the price from 20 Euro to 15 Euro for Non participants!
Tickets to these drop in lessons are sold at the Tangocamp Shop when the festival starts on a first come first served basis!

Leaders needed in:

- a few in INTERMEDIATE level
- 2 in ADVANCED level
- 1 in SEMINAR with Julio & Corina
- 2 in SEMINAR with Javier & Noelia

and 1 in Beginners class!


There are now only 11 rooms left in Hotel Tylösand. (For Saturday and Sunday night some more)

In Firstcamp we have 6 cabins booked which each can take 5 persons. There we have 6 places left in total.
Anyone can book...also persons just coming for the milongas!

Housing from 22 euro per night!!!

It is now possible to book part of a cabin for 22 euro per night.
5 persons in each cabin. We have booked 6 cabins at Firstcamp.

So if you are looking for really inexpensive housing..this is your best shot!

You find the option when you register - Firstcamp Quadrople

Great News...Javier Rodriguez....

Javier Rodriguez & Noelia Barsi will join Tangocamp!

We are thrilled and happy to present our latest addition to Tangocamp 2013!
Javier with his new partner Noelia will bring world class Villa Urquiza style tango to Tangocamp!

They will give a  brand new 10 hour seminar and you can sign up for it now!!

Stop/waitinglist for single followers

As of the 1 of March we will stop the single followers. There will be a waitinglist from now on!

Only for the new seminar we can still take a few single followers!

Single leaders needed in...

We need single leaders in the following classes at the moment:

- Intermediate
- Advanced
- Seminar with Julio & Corina

If you are interested then register at: Tangocamp will then match you in the group.

No double room in HOSTEL TRASTEN left!

No more double rooms in HOSTEL TRASTEN.

Still triple rooms in the hostel.



New! Seminar with Julio & Corina!

We are happy to be able to provide with yet one seminar. This time with Julio & Corina. Giving students of intermediate/advanced to advanced level the possibility to study 10 hours exclusivly with Julio & Corina.


The seminar cost 250 euro and includes 10 hours of lessons and 3 night of milongas.


Register here:

Mariano Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda intense seminar is full!

The 16 hour seminar with Mariano Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda is full.

Couples interested will be put on a waitinglist for a cancellation

Single leaders might stil have a chance. Contact for more info.