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Stop for single followers for all Tangocamp Festivals.

We have stopped accepting single women from 16 of May.

Single women who have registered on that date or later will end up on a waitinglist.

(It means that single women can stil register, but will end up on a waitinglist.)

It is very important for the women who have registered single to pay your deposit so we can start matching you with a partner.


All payments made for Tangocamp Greece updated!

In order to secure your place in Tangocamp, you need to pay your deposit. (60 euro).
Today, 24 of May, all payments made by participants in Tangocamp Grecce have been updated.
It means that you should be able to see your payment in your MY PAGE. If you can not see it, then please contact and inform us, when you paid and what amount to avoid cues during check in!!! Thanks!

Buy your tangoshoes during Tangocamp!

There will be tango shoes for sale during Tangocamp as always!
This year there will be shoes from Neotango, Do Mujeres, Paoul & Soy Porteña.

To be sure to grab a pair come to Tangocamp Italy...where they all will be available first!!!!

Tangocamp 2011 Flyers Ready!

Make sure your tangocommunity gets flyers by sending us an email with your postal address to: and please let us know how many you need!

Visa invitations and adds ready for download!

For participants needing Visa invitations to Tangocamp festival can now download the visa invitation forms. Download, fill it in and send it in.

You can now also download Tangocamp 2011 poster & postcard. Download, print out and put in your local milonga/practica!

Los Hermanos Macana

The famous brothers "Los Hermanos Macana" are joining us during Tangocamp Italy. Do not miss the shows or the Drop In lessons!


Tangocamp 2011 website is online!

The Tangocamp 2011 website is now open. We still have a few things that needs to be updated and there might be a few things that will change from what we present on our webiste today.

- Tangocamp Germany is on hold until 2012.

- Seminars with Gustavo & Giselle are also on hold until 2012.


We hope you will enjoy this years fantastic festivals!

Most welcome!

Pino & Natalie

Tangocamp 2010 DVD

The Tangocamp 2010 DVD is finished as a production. We left it to the print office a few days ago. They need about 8-10 working days to deliver the final product to us! As soon as we get it we will start sending it out. So just a few more days! If you have changed your address since summer, please let us know!

2011 Dates and places!

Tangocamp Italy: 10-12 June (Roma)

Tangocamp Greece: 16-19  June (Evia Island)

Tangocamp Sweden: 23-26 June (Tylösand)


Very welcome!

Tangocamp Tour 2010 over!

See part of the fun and happenings with Peter Forret´s photos at:


We will update the webpage soon with videos and photos and info about 2011!


Stay tuned!