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Special Invited Tangocamp Sweden

This awesome couple from Copenhagen will be this years Special Invited in Tangocamp Sweden.

You will be able to see their performance on Sunday night! Not to miss!

Most welcome - Alma Dujso and Aldo Velásquez from Denmark.

More info about them:

Travel Guide - Tangocamp Greece

For everyone travelling from Athens Airport, there is now an updated Guide which you can download.

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Stop single women!

can  no longer acccept registrations from SINGLE WOMEN for the lessons.

If you are a couple and want to register for Tangocamp Italy, you need to register the leader first, then use the registration nr of the leader to register the follower. This way the registration form will let the you registert the follower.

Single leaders and couples can still register for Tangocamp Italy!

If you have any problems with the registration please contact us at:

Special Invited - Tangocamp Greece



we invite Alper and Selen to be Speicial Invited to Tangocamp Greece. We will enjoy to see them perform!



Short info about them:


Alper & Selen, a couple of the new generation, dance in harmony of dynamism, emotion and elegance.
They combine these motives with their investigative and questioning approach to tango. With the connection and eternal
respect for tango, they have created a unique style with their different use of musicality. They give priority to be fluent and analytical not only in their
dance but also in their method of teaching.
While sharing knowledge and experience about tango, they created a enjoyable style concentrated on the essence of subject, combined with musicality and improvisation.
They continue to teach and learn with the respect to opinion of learning never ends in tango, so as life.
They are dancing and teaching togather since 2005 and they were invited to the tango festivals and workshops such as Ankara, Bursa,Cyprus and Kiev. They made several
performances in Buenos Aires such as Milonga 10, Loca, Gricel, El Beso,La Viruta and Salon Canning. On the other hand they also danced with great orchestras; Sexteto Milonguero (Argentina) and Tango Plus (Turkey). They are also champions of the First Open World Tango Competition which was held in İstanbul. They continue to give
regular classes in Akademitango.

System emails!

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Gustavo & Giselle Seminar

Followers needed for Gustavo and Giselle Seminar during Tangocamp Festivals!

4 followers for Tangocamp Italy,

2 followers for Tangocamp in Germany,

1 followers for Tangocamp Greece.


One leader for Sweden...!


Status: Germany - Sold out, Greece - few places left, Sweden - places left, Italy - places left.

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There is also a lot of persons who have registered already as singles and most of you who have will be fine and have a partner. We will in the end make the groups even. So not to worry if you do not get as many answers in the partner search as you wished. Tangocamp might already have one in store for you!


Tangocamp Greece - WAITINGLIST!!!
From 2010-03-30 we can not guarantee single followers a place in Tangocamp Greece.

You can not register for Tangocamp Greece as a single follower any more. This option is now taken away.
If you manage to find a partner you are in automatic, SO try your best to find one! Make the leader register first and then use his reg nr to do the follower registration.

Post an add in the Tangocamp partner forum or in any of the many other tango groups on Facebook - for ex Tangocamp 2010.  Good luck!
(Couples and single leaders can still register!)

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A4 poster!

Now you can download an A 4 poster in the Download section. Download, print out and put up in your milonga, school, practica...!