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Milonga Package

Milonga Package is now available to buy online.
If you are planning to visit the milongas in Tangocamp, you might consider to buy a Milonga Package. You will save money by buying a package.
Milonga Package is ONLY available online. During the festival it is not possible to buy a package - only individual tickets.
Note: Only NON-participants need to buy milonga tickets. Festival participants have the milonga included in the festival package!
You find the link to buy the Milonga Package in the menu "Milongas" of each festival.

Paypal - updated!

Today we have updated all the payments until the 15th of March into Paypal account.
You should be able to see your updated status on your My Page.
It is still not possible to make changes on your own, but hopefully it will be soon.

So, if you need to change anything in your registration please send us an email to:

All italian payments into Italian account updated!

Payments made into the italian bank account should now be visable in your status on My Page. If you can not see a payment you have made into the bank account please inform us at:

Paypal payments are updated!

All the payments into Paypal account should be visable on your My Page. Please inform us if this is NOT the case!

The Dj´s during Tangocamp Italy!

We have settled the DJ´s for Tangocamp Italy:

Friday the 11th of June: Enzo Climaco - Climax

Saturday the 12th of June: Supersabino

Sunday the 13th of June: DJ battle between Luca Lamberti & Peppe di Gennaro


We are looking forward to hearing what they will prepare!

Don´t miss the first dj battle in Tangocamp history!!

Special Invited - Tangocamp Italy

Once again we have the oppertunity to see some of the lovley dancers from Rome:

On Sunday the 13th of June, Daniel Montano & Natalia Ochoa will perform at 22:30 as Special Invited during Tangocamp Italy.

Dont miss that!

All Paypal payments are updated!

If you have paid your deposit with Paypal using a bank or a creditcard, then your payment should be updated on your MY PAGE.

If you have paid and we have NOT updated it, then please contact us at:

Tangocamp Flyer Ready!

20.000 flyers arrived today. 4000 was sent out to Italy (Luca), 2000 to Germany (Jost) and 2000 to Greece (Sakis).
The rest will be send out the next coming days. If you want some for your tango community send and email with your post address to:

Payments for Tangocamp Germany updated!

All payments into the German Tangocamp account is now updated. Payments after the 31 of December has not been updated.

If you made a payment before that (31/12) and you can not see it in your My Page then please inform us.

My Page - How to see it!!

If you lost your link to your My Page the easiest way is to click on "My Page" in the menu and then fill in your email in the field and press send.

You will then get an automatic email from us with the link inside. Just press on the link and it takes you to your My Page. At the moment it is not possible to edit any information. Hopefully this feature will work soon. If you need to edit/change anything, then please write us at and we will edit/change it for you.