Two Drop in lessons - open for all!

We are happy to offer two drop in lessons this year. Both will be with Carlitos and Noelia.

First one on Saturday will be tango related and starts 22:00-22:45. Tickets are sold at the door.

Second one on Sunday will be Milonga related starts 21:45-22:30. Tickets are sold at the door.

Program changed - first lessons starts at 19.00

We have made some changes in the program. Please take a look!

Pauline Reibell will give the Yoga classes...!

Happy to announce that Pauline Reibell will give the yoga classes during Tangocamp!!!

Perfect way to start a long long day full of tango!

Only a few rooms left in Hotel Tylösand!

There are a few De luxe rooms left from the 19th.

A few standard rooms might be available from the 20th of dance all night..and book the room from the 20th.
Since it is getting very close we suggest you call directly to the the hotel and say you are coming for Tangocamp!

No rooms left in Hostel Trasten!

No rooms left in Hostel Trasten.

For a cheap stay...check or

Feldenkreis in Tangocamp!!!

Happy to inform you all that Bennie Bartels from Amsterdam will give you a session in Feldenkreis on Saturday morning at 10.00 in the Yoga room.

More about Bennie  you can find here:

New Drop In lesson!!!

Adding one more drop in lesson - Javier Rodriguez and Noelia Barsi will give a drop in lesson on Saturday night at 20:45 - 21:45.
Tickets to this drop in lesson is available at the Tangocamp Shop and are open for everyone who wants to join.

Partner up and buy your drop in tickets as soon as Tangocamp starts!

Adding more djs!!!

Very talented and inspiring dj Sidse Hasle will make us dance during the Sunday Afternoon milonga!

Most welcome to dj for the first time in Tangocamp Sidse from Denmark!!!

Only 15 rooms left!

Tangocamp have only some 15 rooms left in Hotel Tylösand!

If you wish to book any of them..dont be late! 

We have no more cabins in Firstcamp..but we might have one or 2 beds left in Hostel Trasten. Check with us for availability.

Rooms are booked through Tangocamp website. Single, double, triple for as many days as you wish!!! (use registration form)

Tangocamp update!

3 couple places left in Beginners level
Intermediate and Intermediate/advanced full
3 couple places left in Advanced level
Chicho & Juana Seminar - 1 couple place left
Javier & Noelia Seminar - 2 couple places left
Joe & Lucila Seminar - 2 couple places left