Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda

 Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli &
 Juana Sepulveda

Presentation almost not necessary..the leading couple in the tango evolution the last decade. Musicality and technically masters of tango. They tour ALL major tango festivals in the world. No doubt the nr 1 couple the world at the moment! They will give intense 14 hour seminar during Tangocamp.
As a couple this will be the third time they join Tangocamp!







 Carlitos & Noelia

 Carlos Espinoza &
 Noelia Hurtado


Noelia and Carlos today are, perhaps, one the most famous and favorite couples among tangueros all over the world!

They have an unmistakable style that combines both the tradition of classical style tango salon, with their breathtaking beauty of close embrace! Their dynamics and musicality, the transfer of the music into the movements of the body, turn their dance into an extremely sensual experience. As experienced teachers they challenge the student’s interior landscape, and the process of conceptualizing while you lead or follow.

Noelia made an intense investigation with important maestros acquiring the style and forms of tango as a popular dance, as well as the new tendencies, thus merging the traditional essence with modern tango trying to combine the attributes of traditional tango with new elements and techniques of contemporary tango. She learned not only from the best representatives of the modern history of tango, but also from the famous old milongueros.

Carlitos Espinoza has been dancing for the last eighteen years in Argentina and Chile and has instructed at over hundred festivals in Europe and South-America. His personal dance style is characterized by a rare combination of extreme dynamism, profound musicality, energy, precision, and a very grounded and elegant walk. Always a fan of the close embrace, he defines his dance as a mix between tradition and evolution, complementing today’s dynamic in tango with its roots in the traditional milonguero style.

 Pino Dangiola & Gilda Stillbäck, Sweden

 Pino Dangiola &
 Gilda Stillbäck

Pino and Gilda is a new couple, started officially working together in 2012. They rapidly got a crowd following them.
They teach all over Sweden on a regular basis and every now and then around in Europe. This will be their third time teaching in Tangocamp.



 Luca Lamberti, Italy

Luca Lamberti, Italy

Luca´s style of DJ has been very appreciated around the world. His spiritually selections of cortinas and perfect selected
tandas brings him around the world. He DJ:s in more than 20 festivals per year. Luca lives in Roma, Italy where he is an
active part of the tango community. Luca has been part of the Tangocamp team for years now and we are glad to have him.

 Brian Falk, Denmark
  Brian Falk, Denmark

Brian Falk started dancing tango in 1995 and is the founder of Tango Malevaje in Denmark. Since 2000 he has been the main organizer of international tangoevents in Denmark. He known for the strong-beat-danceable music as a tribute to the music from the golden years 20'- 40'. But over the years more dramatic and melodious tangoes are finding the way into his tandas. "Your sore feet want to kill the DJ – cause they can't stop dancing."
 Pino Dangiola, Sweden

Pino Dangiola, Sweden

Pino started djing in 1994 in his own milongas. Over the years he has been invited to festivals and marathons to DJ. Is a bit of a rocker when it comes to selecting the music...sleeping you can do at home! Energy with small infusions of romantic tandas..

Michael Kara

Michael Karatsioris, Greece


Talented young dancer dj from Athens..will rock you with his music selections!

First time djing in Tangocamp...but not new to Tangocamp....been part of it for many years!