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All activities will be held at Hotel Tylösand and is the main choice of accommodation for most participants. This is where we are going to eat, sleep, dance, hang out, have lessons, have the milonga and of course spend time in the best SPA in Sweden! 
Tangocamp recommend our participants to stay at Hotel Tylösand, due to a more intimate and relaxed stay during Tangocamp which also gives you access to the SPA.

If You like to stay in one of our alternatives Tangocamp handle the booking for you when you fill in the registration form. Important: Housing is paid to the hotel at check in/out.

Tangocamp Sweden Spa 

Special "Tangocamp " Prices for accomodations 2015


Price per person per night.
Swedish SEK
 Hotel Tylösand
Triple828check here!
Double De luxe room 1333
Double De luxe room - towards sea 1533 

Included in the price is breakfast, dinner and access to the SPA. The valid price is always in Swedish SEK. The hotel will charge according to the amount in SEK.
Tangocamp Tango FestivalTangocamp Tango FestivalTangocamp Tango Festival

Hotel Tylösand

Hotel Tylösand is almost a 5 star hotel. It is rated as one of the best hotels in Sweden. All rooms have shower, toilet, TV, radio and refrigerator, towels, sheets & morning robe. And do not forget to bring bathing suit for the SPA! The SPA and Beauty area is famous in Sweden for being one of the best in the country, and was renovated for 5 million euro in the end of 2006. See www.tylosand.se for more info. The hotel will send out an invoice a few weeks before the festival starts. If you need to stay at Hotel Tylösand before or after TangoCamp contact Hotel Tylösand. Changes in your stay should be done directly to Hotel Tylösand. Hotel Tylösand has renovated most of the rooms on the main building during 2010 and 2011. For 2013 the main restaurant is being renovated and 2014 the entire "disco area" Leifs Lounge will be renovated!

Tangocamp Sweden HotelTangocamp Tango Festival Tangocamp Sweden Restaurant



About reservation of accomodation

When you register for Tangocamp, you will choose form of accommodation and we will reserve a room on your behalf.

Hotel reservation is only made through Tangocamps website registration form and changes in your stay can be done in "My Page".

To make our work with the reservation of rooms easier, please follow the description below.

If you wish to stay in a single room, simply choose this alternative in the drop-down menu on the registration.

If you wish to stay in a double or triple room, and have someone to share room with, one of you should register first. After submitting the registration, a registration number is sent to this person by e-mail. Roommate/-s should use this specific number in their registration to fill in the box “Reg.number of roomate”.

If you wish to stay in a double or triple and do not have a roommate, you can use the forum "Roommate" to search for friends to share room or inform Tangocamp and we might be able to match you with a roomate. It is always the participants responsability to fill up a hotelroom.


Hotel and Hostel Info

Hotel Tylösand

Address: Box 643
301 16 Halmstad
Phone number: In Sweden 035–305 00
For international callers: +46 35 305 00
Fax number: +46 35 324 39
E-mail: info@tylosand.se
Website: www.tylosand.se


Other places to stay:

Hostel Trasten - Bookable through Tangocamp

Hostel Trasten is 3 minutes walk from Hotel Tylösand. Fee only include housing. No food is included. Breakfast & dinner tickets can be bought in the reception of Hotel Tylösand. Shared shower and toilet. You pay for your room to the hostel. You arrange your own breakfast, lunch and dinner. Price is per night per person.

Double Room
495 kr
Tripple Room
350 kr


Other places to stay: (Not bookable through Tangocamp)

- Tylebäck - you can find info here: www.tyleback.se
- Firstcamp - you can find info here: www.firstcamp.se